Murray Howe could have been a Cougar

I came across this interesting column from Jim Tang in the September 21, 1975 Daily Colonist talking about Murray Howe (the youngest son of Gordie Howe) possibly joining the Cougars:

“Murray Howe would be quite a catch for any junior hockey team, and heard is the report that Victoria Cougars have the youngest of the Howe brothers on their negotiation list - and, it was added, with the approval of papa Gordie.”

When I looked into this further I could find no other story or mention of Murray Howe and the Cougars. Howe played Junior B hockey in Toronto with the Seneca Nationals where he was a teammate of Wayne Gretzky. He described the experience of playing with Gretzky as, “he was the best and I was the worst, by far.” After graduating from high school, Howe went to the University of Michigan, tried out for the hockey team and was cut in training camp. Since his two older brothers played professional hockey, Murray was worried that his parents would be upset that he didn’t make the team. When he told them, Murray was surprised when they said, Thank God we don’t have to worry about you anymore.

Howe continued his education at the University of Michigan and went on to graduate from medical school to become a doctor. He is currently the head of Sports Medicine Imaging for Toledo Radiological Associates and Promedica Health Systems Sports Care Program.

In 2016 he gave a moving eulogy at his father’s funeral which inspired him to write the book “Nine Lessons I Learned from my Father

A Macleans article with Dr. Murray Howe, in conversation with Wayne Gretzky, on being a good hockey parent, eating family dinners — and his father's heart-breaking X-rays.

In the coming months, I will be posting stories on Hall of Fame players Mark Recchi, Chris Chelios, Rob Brindamour and their connection to the Victoria Cougars.

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